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How You keep me so confused.
It’s Like every time you doing right, you just doing you.
For me, you ain’t gotta prove anything.

We both knowing the move.
We got a bucket list, keeping too much to do.
I just want you,
So What Im going to do.

Is pull up to your crib looking extra fly,
Even though all we gone do is smoke and vibe.
Its just what we do and no one has to try
I don’t give a fuck what them people think.

If you asking; Im’a tell you,
Exactly how much it means to me,
When you break it down
And this reaction is nature.
And far from what it seems to be,
When you come around.

Like I ain’t got to eat to stay alive.
Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine,
I could Party with you every night.

Talking to the moon about how I’ve been so blessed.
Like, “If you wanna fuck with me, you gotta get with my boo”
Cuz she gone back it up for my loving.
Throwing rock out the bag, just trying to help a little.
Lost in the mood, me and you.

Pull up to your crib in my suit and tie,
Just to let your girlfriends catch the vibe, yhea.
Neighbors know my name with what we do all night.
Don’t give a fuck what them people say,
If you asking

We ain’t gotta paddle, let the boat float.

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